About The Author: Carole Norman Scott

 Carole & Jay 1-17-15

Carole Norman Scott

I am Carole Norman Scott–an 18 year Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor at (stubbornlymphoma.wordpress.com).  I have journaled all through those years about everything this malady has entailed for me.  I think it may help those who are experiencing the physical, spiritual, and emotional challenges the illness may bring about.  It may also help their family members to realize more fully what they are going through.

I am 76 years old, a wife of 57 years (to the same man), and a mother of three adult children; one of whom is autistic.  I have a blog about that 50-year journey at  autism45.wordpress.com.  I also have two granddaughters.  I enjoy singing, photography & writing (including poetry), making greeting cards, speaking to Stonecroft Ministries groups, my church, and helping my friends and family in any way I can.  I hope this blog ministers to you, and I share freely of all that I’ve written, felt, and experienced in that same hope.  God bless you and yours as you absorb it all…Carole Norman Scott

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