Poem: LIFE’S REVERIE–By: Carole Norman Scott


This poem was written as I had recovered from my 2nd episode with Lymphoma (on May 23, 2000). I had completed the chemotherapy needed, and was finally able to “look ahead!”


Lord, how do I spend the days ahead…the days You’ve give me?

I see no wondrous deeds I’ve done…to “toot my horn”–no “work” begun…

At least by standards men have set…I haven’t reached the “top” as yet…

I doubt I’ll ever see that peak…a meeker goal is one I’ll seek…

A word that’s kind…a gentle touch…(not counted by the world as much)

A helping hand–a praise to God…A lifting smile–A friendly nod…

A prayer for someone who’s in need…(for that might change a life indeed)

As much like Jesus as I dare…Lord use me still–to show You care.

 By: L. Carole Scott       May 23, 2000

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