Poem: New Life–A Gift (Life after a siege of Lymphoma)

Poetry & Photography By: Carole Norman Scott--Copyright 1984
The grounds at the Capitol, Washington, D. C.–Poetry & Photography By: Carole Norman Scott–Copyright 1984

Written in 2002, as I was feeling well after my 1999 onslaught of Lymphoma.  I was able to appreciate being alive to enjoy the change of seasons and the beauty Spring brings…giving glory to God!  

Poem: New Life–A Gift

O Lord, how can I thank You enough for this gift of life, and the beauty it entails?

Today, the Redbuds are in bloom, and the Azaleas blossom in great profusion!   

The birds are singing and the sky is cobalt blue.  Its beauty sets my senses reeling.    

I can not bear it all at once…my soul cannot grasp it in a single observation.     

The minute detail of Your giving nature…your loving acts towards us; mere man.    

You never fail or falter — You are always with us — bringing joy and peace.    

I praise You Father, for Your faithfulness and love.  You bless me so!      

Thank You for my time here to see another Spring; to live to sing Your praises!    

You and Your creation are worthy of all praise…and I lift my hands to You!

 By: Carole Norman Scott–April 12, 2002

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