I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: He that keepeth thee will not slumber. Mt. Rainier, Cascade Range, State of Washington
I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: He that keepeth thee will not slumber.
Mt. Rainier, Cascade Range, State of Washington

1. July, 1997  Enlarged lymph node in my neck removed and found to be Follicular small-cleaved cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Took Prednisone and Leukeran orally (August 20th–December 27th).  Cat-scan afterwards showed NO enlarged lymph nodes anywhere else in my body.

2.  April, 1999  (21 months between)–Lymphoma found in my stomach, and tumors all through the abdominal cavity.  Took six treatments of CHOP, which is given every 21 days–in cycles.  It consisted of:  CYTOXAN, ADRIAMYCIN & VINCRISTIN.  They are given on the same day as an intravenous (IV) infusion.  Prednisone  (a tablet) is taken daily by mouth for five days at the beginning of each cycle.  I started these treatments on April 5th –July 28th).  Afterwards, all tumors were gone, and my stomach was free from Lymphoma.

3.  January, 2002 (21 months between)…Tumor started growing in January 2001, but was “watched” for a year before starting treatments)–It was laying on the arteries and veins to the left kidney, and was becoming dangerous, so I took four rounds of Rituxan (a drug that attacks only the “bad” cells and does not make you sick)…one treatment a week for 4 weeks, in January, 2002.  Tumor reduced to “shreddy” tissue.

4.  June, 2003 (18 months between)–Large tumor found in my abdomen…11.2cm x 11.0cm x 6.2cm.  Started on  chemotherapy June 10, 2003 consisting of: Day 1–Rituxan 600mg, Day 2–Fludara 48mg AND Novantrone 19mg, Day 3–Fludara 48mg, Day 4–Fludara 48mg Have completed four rounds as of Cat-Scan of 8/22/03, and the Doctor was not pleased when the tumor had shrunk to only 10cm x 8.3cm x 5.3cm.  He said it should have shrunk to one-half its original size at the end of four treatments.

5.  September 3, 2003–Had 5th treatment, and got very ill…blood count went awry, etc.  Doctor stopped chemo altogether, to allow me to get well.  Platelet cound went down to 21,000.

6.September 9, 2003–Saw Stem-Cell Specialist about maybe having the “harvesting” only part of stem cell procedure done. Said he thought we could do that when I got better.  Sept. 10, 2003–Had MRI done of Lumbar, Pelvic & Thoracic areas.  Results NEGATIVE…(didn’t see what Cat-scan was referring to)!

7.  Got Bronchitis BAD in the middle of Sept., 2003 (antibiotic, also on anti-viral medication)…had PET SCAN Sept. 30th, 2003…stomach started having horrific pains that I endured for 5 days.  Finally went to ER on Oct. 2, 2003 because of pain.  Was there 6 days (until the 8th)…having tests.  Discovered that my Gall Bladder was not functioning well (only 40%).  Gallbladder surgery on the 13th of Oct.  Taking Procrit & Lovenox shots  Got SHINGLES middle of Oct.–anti-viral meds for that again. November 6th, 2003–BONE MARROW TEST (negative, Nov. 18th, 2003)–Still on Procrit shots.  BONE SCAN (negative). Nov. 26th, 2003–Breast Ultrasound (negative). Still on Procrit.

8.  4 rounds of Rituxan in December, 2003 (one a week of 4 weeks)!  On Rituxan through 1st of December to the 22nd.

9.  January 12, 2004–saw stem-cell Specialist again.  NOW wants to do the WHOLE stem-cell transplant process.  PET SCAN–Jan. 22, 2004–just showed “small” area where tumor had been (no others).

10.  February 3, 2004–Chest X-ray and Blood workup.  Feb. 4, 2003–Muga Scan of heart, & Pulmonary test (preliminary tests for Stem-cell transplant)!  Feb. 4, 2004–started 1st of 4 RITUXAN treatments until the Dr. gets back in town.

11.  1st Neupogin shot–Feb. 26, 2004.  March 1, 2004–Catheter installed surgically, FIRST HARVESTING of stem-cells begun (6 hrs.).  March 2,3…also 6 hours.  Only got very small amount each day–had to quit it.

12.  March 8, 2004–Neupogin shots again…HEAVY-DUTY CHEMO–March 7th and 8th…Cytoxin–2,310 mg & Etoposide–460mg.  Continued neupogin shots.  Blood count started going down March 15th, and got Bronchitis again REAL BAD.  On antibiotic again for that.  Had to get Platelet & Blood transfusions on March 18th…and MORE Platelets on March 19th, and 22nd.

13.  March 24, 2004–More platelets in am–Catheter installed surgicaly again, and harvesting begun the 2nd time around.  3 more days at 6 hours each.  STILL only got (both harvesting times altogether)–.72 out of 2.5 needed.  Had to stop again, and call off Stem-Cell transplant altogether because my body was NOT cooperating!

14.  Blood finally starts on “upward” trend.  CONCLUSION by Cancer Dr. and Specialist: Will do Rituxan Maintenance in August (4 rounds), and again six months from then.  That’s where we are right now –as of JUNE 30th, 2004.  I am finally feeling almost “normal” again!

15.  March 24, 2005 until present (october 11, 2008)– Cat-scans every 6 months, NO Lymphoma showing up all this time.  It has been 5 years since the last “onslaught!” PRAISE THE LORD!  No other major health problems either! 16.  It is now February 25, 2015, and there are only Cat-Scans every 2 years or so…and NO Lymphoma all this time–PTL!  10 years Lymphoma free!  God is GOOD!  He can work miracles, and NOTHING is too difficult for Him!  17.  It is now May 25th, 2018, and no lymphoma has shown up in 13 years.  God is SO good!

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