Continued Victory and Blessing

Beauty beyond compare--Savill Garden in England
Beauty beyond compare–Savill Garden in England

6/26/15–Just got my doctor’s report on my CT-scan (chest, abdomen, pelvic regions), and NO Lymphoma showed up after a 2 year wait since the last CT-scan in 2013.  They usually do a scan of my neck too, as that is where it showed up in the first place.  Due to the new Healthcare policies, the insurance won’t cover tests that the doctor doesn’t think are necessary (I’ve been well for 10 years now–PTL!)  You now have to have “symptoms” occurring. I NEVER had symptoms…was OK and then all of a sudden, I wasn’t!  Of course, it doesn’t matter that the doctor doesn’t have x-ray eyes into my neck anymore than to the rest of my body…but “rules are rules!” It seems a patient’s “peace of mind” has very little to do with it. Oh, the joys of being over 75. It’s as though the elderly don’t matter much anymore.  I would have to challenge the doctor AND the insurance company to get it done…even if I was willing to pay for it myself.  I was told by the doctor that he was so sure that everything was OK in my neck…that he wouldn’t order the test… even for his own mother! I found that a little, “He doth protest too muchish” …but am SO thankful that what WAS tested proved to be benign.  I’ll count on my God to keep pulling me through, just as I always have.  He’s healed me before, and I’ll trust Him to keep me in the palm of His hand.  I respect my doctor, but it’s hard being your own advocate, and not getting much respect back for what you know about yourself, and for what you’ve already been through.  This doctor was not with me through my illnesses in 1997, 1999, and 2003…he came about after I was well, so hasn’t seen what all transpired in ME first-hand. That makes a BIG difference!

Update 11/12/15–My primary care doctor ordered a ct-scan of my neck in September, 2015, and all proved to be OK.  I guess my cancer doctor was right, but it sure is a good feeling to know FOR SURE!  I really appreciated her caring enough to help me.  That is a really important part of all this…having confidence in your Doctor!

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